How to boost mobile speed.

How to boost mobile speed.

We all do our work on mobile. Spend more and more time on mobile apps. In this way, our phone must work at a high speed. .Neither hang nor slow while using the phone. There are many reasons why the phone is slow Such as storage becoming full, junk files available, heavy loading apps. Many times we open some sites due to which the mobile May virus comes and we do not even know. Because of which our mobile goes on slow.  Due to which whenever we use mobile, it works slowly which irritates us. To fix this problem we have to clean our mobile.

We tell you some solutions to boost mobile speed, by doing this, your phone speed will be fast. And you can do it without stopping your phone.

1. Download Clean Master app.

You can download Clean Master App from both Google Play Store and App Store. This is an app that can boost your phone speed. 
There are some functions in it, by which you can prevent your phone from viruses too.
  • Trash cleaner.
How to boost mobile speed.
The trash is temporary storage for files that are deleted in a file manager by the user, but not yet permanently erased from the filing system. Typically, a recycle bin is presented as a special file directory to the user (whether or not it's actually one directory depends on the implementation), allowing the user to browse deleted (removed) files, undelete those that were deleted by mistake, or delete them permanently. 

  • Junk Cleaner
How to boost mobile speed.
    Files created by different apps for them to run smoothly and to store new data (processed/ downloaded) as you use them over and over. They are not so junky while the app is present. But as soon as you uninstall the app, a lot of those files remain even after uninstalling and becomes Junk files.
  • Booster
How to boost mobile speed.

We forget to close the app from the background and we feel that the app is closed. But he stays in the background. Due to which the phone starts to work slow. We close the background app with the memory booster function of Clean Master App.
  • Battery saver 
How to boost mobile speed.

When we run the app on the phone, then some app starts to drain more and more battery of our phone, due to which the battery slows down soon.
  • CPU cooler 
How to boost mobile speed.
When we use the phone for a long time or play games on it, then it starts to heat up.To reduce that heat, we can activate a CPU cooler of the Clean Master App. Cool your phone shortly after launching the CPU cooler.

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