The violence on Sunday at Jawaharlal Nehru University may be a blot on democratic society. Hooligans who came from outside for several hours committed riot in JNU campus. JNU students and teachers were beatenšŸ˜­. Even the navigator was surrounded. All this was happening while the police were there. Attack in JNU is not the first time. JNU administration has been targeting students and teachers by weakening all democratic forums inside the campus. One of the reason for protesting is the inclusion of fees.
Due to which the protest started on an out sized scale. In the statement issued by the JNU administration on the incident of Sunday, the fee based protesters are held responsible. A total of 36 peoplešŸ˜° were injured in this incident. All of them were admitted to Delhi AIIMS. In this protest some parties of country straighten  owls. JNU and Delhi university fall victim to uproar. where as both these institutes are one of the institutes of the country.
The institute which was to expand the prevalence, has been made the seat of politics of haters.

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