Apple has always been the first choice of people in the world. But for a few years, Apple is seeing something happening in its customers. The effect of this is visible in Indian market. Now why this happening? Actually the reason behind this is the demand of Chinese mobile brand in India. The effect of which is clearly visible in Apple's annual sales results. India's largest market for mobile phone. The number of people buying Apple in India is very high. But Apple company has a lot of loss in the year 2018-2019 in Indian market. In India one of the reason for decline in demand of the Apple product is more service tex and weak currency. Due to which this year iphone launched the product at a low price.Apple will open its store in India to avoid this trouble.
The same situation with Samsung. Samsung has completely closed its production plant in China. Due to the declining sales of its smartphone the Chinese market. Samsung could not stand in the face of a tough competition from Chines company Realme, Oppo , Vivo, Oneplus. Samsung is now going to invest in India.