Amazon is that the largest rainforest within the world covering within 9 nations Brazil area covers 60% of the rainforest extend into Colombia ,Peru ,Venezuela ,Ecuador ,Bolivia ,Guyana and French Guiana .Amazon rainforest is home for various sorts of species of insects ,plants covering over five and a half million square kilometres. 10-12% of world known species and 20%of bird species sleep in the rainforest .Amazon rainforest referred to as "The Lungs Of The Earth" because quite 20% of the world's oxygen is produced by Amazon rainforest .
The Amazon represents over half the planets remaining rain forests and comprises the most important and species rich tract of tropical rainforest within the world .


Most of the forested areas converse to non - forested areas .The main sources of deforestation within the Amazon are human settlement and development of the land .Between 1991 and 2000 , the entire area of forest lost within the Amazon rainforest from 415000 to 587000 km square ( twice the dimensions of Portugal ).The rainforest to be destroyed in the last 100 years to form farming land . Soil within the Amazon are less productive and therefore the farmers are therefore constantly moving and clearing more and more land for farming . Today the speed of destruction of the forest is about 1.5 acres evary second cutting and burning of forest or woodland to make fields for agriculture or lifestock or for other purposes. 

The increased rates of the hearth in 2019 counts cause the fate otf the Amazon rainforest, which beings the planet largest CO2 sink and play a monster role in GLOBAL WARMING.
It's estimed that if the temprature just increase 3 degree calcius then approx 75% of the Amazon rainforest would be destroyed .


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